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Process of Getting Braces – Cleburne, TX

Expectations for a New Smile

When seeing an orthodontist about braces, you may wonder what the process will look like. At Hart Orthodontics, our team of professionals understands you will likely have many questions and want to know how long your treatment will last. To answer these inquiries and more, the initial consultation is the most important step. But what happens after this visit? When will the braces be put on? How often will you be expected to come in for follow-up appointments? Our team can help you navigate the process, so you know and understand the expectations when achieving a new smile. To learn more, contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

Personalizing Your Treatment Plan

Once you’ve met with an “orthodontist near me,” they will begin to map out your personalized treatment plan, making sure that your new smile is achieved in a safe and timely manner. Whether you need to fix your crooked or crowded teeth, minimize the gap in your smile, or adjust your poorly aligned bite, your treatment plan will be customized based on your needs and the impressions taken of your smile.

Places Your Braces

Putting your braces on will take longer than any other appointment. Why? Because we will need to carefully place each bracket and thread the wire to make sure everything is where it should be when you start treatment. Once your teeth are thoroughly cleaned, they must be conditioned, which can take between 10-30 minutes. Dr. Hart and his team will then cement the brackets into place on each tooth.

Once your brackets are firmly in place, he will begin to thread the wire through each bracket. It is necessary for the wire to have certain bends to help the teeth move more quickly.

Explaining Proper Oral Care Techniques

Now that your braces are on, it’s time to discuss your oral care. This includes learning how to properly brush your teeth, floss between your teeth and braces, and what products will make this process easier and more manageable. From purchasing a Waterpik to floss more easily to buying specialized brushes that will help remove bacteria and food particles from around the brackets and wires, these objects will help you maintain better oral health while wearing braces.

Regularly Adjusting the Wire

Depending on your individual needs, you will likely need to have the wire adjusted every 3-4 weeks. Why? Because your teeth need continuous pressure to move in the right direction. This requires removing the wire and placing a new one that is stronger and configured differently. These visits will ensure your smile continues to move in the right direction, putting you one step closer to your final results.

Maintaining Your Dental Appointments

Even as you wear braces, you will need to continue seeing your regular dentist for checkups and cleanings. This will ensure you do not develop tooth decay, cavities, or gum disease while receiving treatment. Because metal brackets and wires can make it hard to reach certain areas of your mouth and remove bad bacteria and food particles that can cause common dental problems, your dentist can help keep your smile looking and feeling its best.

Understanding Your Diet

Wearing braces often measure changing your diet. The foods and beverages you consume can make it harder or easier to navigate the orthodontic process, so instead of continuing to eat all the foods you love, you’ll need to make a few tweaks along the way. A few things to remember include:

  • Avoiding sticky, hard, or crunchy foods
  • Cutting larger pieces of food up into smaller bites