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Indicators for Orthodontic Treatment

Signs You Should See an Orthodontist

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Millions of people in the United States wear braces or are undergoing some other form of orthodontic treatment. Are you one of them? If you’re not, you might be wondering if perhaps you could benefit from a visit to your local orthodontist in Cleburne.

Basically, you should see an orthodontist whenever you have a concern about the alignment of your teeth or the way your bite feels. In some cases, such as if your teeth are severely crooked, it is obvious that you could benefit from orthodontia. In instances of mild misalignment or bite problems, it would still be a wise idea for you to visit an orthodontist to explore your treatment options.

Here are some of the most common signs that indicate the need for orthodontic attention:

  • You struggle with habitual mouth-breathing
  • You commonly grind or clench your teeth
  • It is difficult for you to comfortably close your lips

Orthodontics for Children

Even if your child’s teeth seem fine, experts still recommend that all kids have an orthodontic examination by the time they’re seven years old. That is because every child’s mouth develops at a different rate, and it takes a highly trained eye to spot potential issues with the developing oral structures.

Bringing your little one to see an orthodontist at a relatively young age is also beneficial because the earlier orthodontic problems are spotted, the easier they may be to correct. For example, because a child’s mouth is still developing, it’s often possible to use a palatal expander to affect the way mouth grows. This treatment can address crossbite (a condition wherein the upper teeth close inside the lower ones). Without early intervention, some orthodontic issues require surgery to correct.

Other conditions that signal it’s time for your child to visit an orthodontist include the late loss of baby teeth, tongue thrusting, and thumb sucking.

Orthodontics for Adults

Did you know that roughly one-fifth of orthodontic patients are adults? If you find yourself continually embarrassed by your crooked teeth, or if misalignment in your TMJ is causing your jaw to ache, an orthodontist may be able to help!

There is no need for you to hold back from getting the help you need. With today’s discreet treatment options, such as clear aligners and ceramic braces, you can maintain your professional appearance while your teeth make their journey toward their proper places. Once all is said and done, you’ll love your new look! Plus, your teeth will be easier to clean and will be at a decreased risk of breakage and premature wear and tear.

Most general dentists are diligent about keeping an eye on the alignment of their patients’ teeth. If they notice anything that indicates you or your child may benefit from orthodontic care, they will let you know and may even refer you to a local orthodontist. However, if your general dentist doesn’t offer a referral, that doesn’t mean you don’t need braces or a similar treatment.

Your first consultation at Hart Orthodontics is free, so you have nothing to lose by scheduling an appointment. We’ll answer all of your questions and talk about how you or your child can achieve a healthier, more comfortable smile.