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Cost of Braces – Cleburne, TX

Never Let the Costs Prevent Your Orthodontic Treatment

Taking the steps towards transforming your smile can be quite a journey. At Hart Orthodontics, we’re proud and excited to be able to join you as you slowly but surely remove gaps from your teeth, prevent crowding, and give your smile room to grow! We understand that you’re wondering how much treatment will cost you, and we’re prepared to discuss all of the factors that can affect what you’ll need to pay when all is said and done. Whether you plan to use dental insurance or you need additional financing for your treatment, it’s our pleasure to walk you through the process. Call our office to learn more about financing your care!

How Much Do Braces Cost?

Orthodontic treatments are highly personalized to the patient, which means the amount your friend or family member pays can vary quite largely from what you pay depending in what your specific needs are.  For example, your costs can change depending on your age, the insurance plan you currently have and whether or not they cover braces, and the type of braces you choose from our practice. Traditional braces, clear/ceramic braces, and self-ligating braces can all have their own unique costs depending on your preferences. The best way to find a specific price tag is to complete a detailed consultation at our office.

Does Insurance Cover Costs for Braces?

Depending on the state, dental insurance may be able to cover braces for your child if they are deemed medically necessary. For example, if we determine that their chewing would greatly improve following treatment, that would be considered a medical necessity. However, if braces are only being considered for cosmetic purposes, they are far less likely to receive coverage. With that said, it’s more likely that your plan will cover costs for other orthodontic-related services, including exams and retainers.

What If I Don’t Have Insurance?

Just because you don’t have a dental insurance plan doesn’t mean you can’t take advantage of other options to pay for your care. For example, CareCredit lets you pay for treatments in smaller chunks through a low-to-zero interest payment plan. Interest rates vary depending on how long of a plan you choose. It’s perfect for covering costs that traditional dental insurance might not.

Furthermore, our office is happy to offer OrthoFi, a highly personalized payment option that lets you decide your own down payment, monthly payments, and the overall length of your term. OrthoFi even lets you extend your payment plan past your treatment time, which is not typically found in financing plans! Prior to beginning your treatment, we’ll make sure to go over the costs before you actually begin. After all, we don’t want to create any surprises. Instead, we want you to be able to focus as much as possible on achieving the straighter smile you’ve always wanted.